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Lecture 3

lecture 3 inclass notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Maggie Cummings

Lec 3 ways of Knowingtime language and ritual culture has to be learned it is also World view smaller of the two terms culture is the umbrella but world view is beneath it it refers to shared assumptiona about a culture and how the culture in the world works if you believe in spirits would work to provide you a world virw then the culture would shape you in that way In North America we have multiple world views and sometimes they bump up and collide with each other They could either be secular or sacred Bimaare muslims They fast if there is drought and this would please the god and god will gift them with rain in return of their fasting and prayerDou Donggothese ppl are not muslimtheir belief system is differentthey believe in spirits they offer things to spirits because they beleive spirits are blocking the cloud from showering thus when they offer foods to spirits they get rain North Americadry weather and high pressure system thats how we would look at it We turn to science when drought condiitons happens world virew tells us what to do in certain situation ie drought as you can see
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