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Lecture 4

lecture 4 notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Maggie Cummings

Lecture 4 Biology blood and belonging Worldview tell us what reality is and how we see it Rites of passage is a specific ritual It marks a transition through a life cylce Transition from one social category to another ie Graduation is a rite of passagefrom being a student to being not a student ie weddingbeing single to being married Any rite of passage has 3 distinct stages 1 is seperation stage seperated from former catgeory2 transition most dangerous partie walking on the Aale right before your wedding 3 Integrationreintroduction of a person into the world again The idea of communitashappens during the transition period It is a developemnt of strong sense of emotional feelings It depends bonding to people who went through the same experience with you ie you feel communitas with your husband because they were present in the wedding with you and experience the whole thing with you What is socialcultral consturctionCultural constructionism whereas from this view they would sayrewat
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