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Lecture 4

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Anthro Lecture 4222012 15900 PM The way we turn to biology to explain things is part of our world viewy Its uniquey When we say it natural it means that its biologicaly Feeding desires they know the biology but they dont know whats natural they dont call biologyy They sort of relied on gods will to explain what is natural Cultural constructionism Human behavior and ideas are best explained as the results of culturally shaped learningy One of the key question that shapes anthropology is why people became the way we didy This theory key to answer the questiony Opposite of cultural construction is biological determinismy Most important contribution is how it shapes human behaviorsy Biological determinism biological features such as genes or hormones are used to explain behaviors an ideasy Example alcoholism or teenage stressy Men have better special skillsy special skills are culturally and men are better able to learn that through culturey Many are opposed to biological determinism Social cultural constructsSocial constructis a concepts or practice that is seen as natural common sense essential timeless or god given but which is really an invention an artifact of a particular culturey Taking for granted is sort of naturalsy Social constructs are produced through human behavior and actionsy Men are like this and women are like that is an exampley Social and culture constructs are results of human choicesy Social constructs help to build our world view y Allows how are world view is constructed
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