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Maggie Cummings

Class One What is cultureAnd how do anthropologists investigate itOverarching reason in this course is to learn to think like an anthropologists and why we approach problems in the real worldWhat is anthropology The object of studyculturalField work and EthnographyField work this distinguishes anthropology from other disciplines in the social sciences We get out of the library and books and go into the communities and learn from them first hand It is a right of passage You cannot be an anthropologists without fieldwork unless you an anthropology studentEthnography This is what you right up after the field work to record you analysis and information gotten from the fieldThe Balinese and the cockfightIts not just a descriptionalthough important of a culture but must have an insight and analysis to answer some sort of questionfor example in feeding desire why is fatness so beautiful and sexyportray a given culture from the natives point of view so that the reader can see exactly what is going on in that cultureThick description describing the context of the place being studied example of winking or eyebrow raising in our context it means making a pass at someone But for instance in banawatu people always raised their eyebrows for them it means that they understand or agreement kinda like noddingHe shows that the cockfight is a performative story that tells us about balinese peopleFocus on context arises from field work and anthropology that makes it unique to other social sciencesBrief history of ethnography and fieldworkPretty young discipline 130 years early 20th century and has historical roots similarities in other disciplines travel writing geographyHeroridis talking about the neighboring townsMarco polo went to china and wrote and people talked about it through himVictorian anthropologists Edward tyler and James were influenced by Darwin Tyler defined culture victorian ideas of civilizationthat complex hole that includes knowledge belief art as a member of societygo and look up definitionsome people had more cultures and it could be ranked according to victorian civilization
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