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Class 4-even though it says 5

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Maggie Cummings

Class 5 Anthropology classQuestion of Biology Blood and Belonging II Relatives and relations What is the authors main point understand how the article is put together in terms of evidence and proof Know their argumentsKey termsEgoEtic VS EmicEskimo and Iroquois kinship classificationMa trilateral VS Pa trilateral kinBilateral VS UnilateralCrosscousins vs parallel cousinsEndogamy vs exogamyConsanguine vs affinal kinFictive kinshipBridepriceProcreation as symbolic and paternity as cultural constructGo over the articlesWe see images that are not representative of the correct type of cultureDiscourses of gender and needing to protect muslim women from their cultureKINSHIPWe use the idea of blood ties to use for the definition of kin It is a metaphor that we live by in north america and the way we think but its notprimary mode of social organization Organizes people into coherent and meaningful groups it works kinda like gender and age to categorize peopleSmall scale societiesLivelihood basically statusmarital status allows you see who you are meant to marryhow you are meant to interact with peopleinheritance laws and rules Large scale society like ourskinship types includepolitical race nationality religious beliefs Early anthropologists talked about small scale societies and were obsessed with understanding kinship because it helps you understand social behaviorKinship classification systemKinship diagramsKinship in action and how it works on the groundKinship symbolsKinship SymbolsCirclefemaleTriangle male
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