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Lecture 5

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Maggie Cummings

Week 5 readingsVSI ch4 feeding desire ch 4 and 5 and online readingVSI ch4 Groups formed by bonds emotionalpractical are formed on the basis of marriage and kinship Marriage family and householdFernandos wife died and looking for a widowed women less than 2 weeks of death Marriage in Nuyooteco was not based on love but in Fernandos case was more important for the well being of his childrenLooking for partner with complementary needs man and woman both needed to run householdBridepricetransfer of wealth from grooms side to brides Brideservicetransfer of labour from grooms side to bridesOlder kins pay for weddings if young has been loyal faithful individual Levirateman marries his brothers childless widowSororatewoman marries her sisters widowerMarriage is contracted between 2 groups of kin Polygynymore than one wife increases population over use of land and resources Polyandry more than one husbandlowers population and more land availableMarriage regulates sexsexual reproduction leads to social reproduction Nuclear familymarried with children most popular in western communities anything close to nuclear family best to function in society ex mother and her children Dou donggo some weddings arranged before birth of bride and groom and some cases newlywed lives with brides family for grooms labour to pay off the brideprice and for the keep and after the first baby the grooms side pays the rest and they move out Dou donggo women live close to mother because of assistance during child birth Some cultures marry cousins to keep line of descent strong either from fathers side or mother My Milk My Blood Kinship and Descent Partible maternitypaternityanother person involved in playing role of parent ex Born from one women breast feeds from anotherparents and children linked through blood relationbaby receives blood from umbilical cord and then from breast milk from mother therefore if partible may have 2 moms lineage line of blooddescent of ancestorsclangroup of people who have a common ancestormaybe a mythical being patriarchy may lead to women being virgins until after marriage and covering upveiling Matriarchy men still have some rule but from the womens side a young boy would look up to his moms brothers for guidance etc Double unilineal descenteveryone is a member of at least 2 distinct descent groups
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