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Maggie Cummings

Lec 8 Primitives and modernsCertain cultures are primitivesWhat it means to be primitive and then modern Why is the word primitive problematic in anthropologyIt is not a proper objective label when we use the word primitive The idea of primitive is not objective but rather it is subjective It is a moral judgement and is more of ethnocentric perspective Some sort of value judgementThe word modern and contemporaryModerndoes not mean NOW in ANTROPOLOGY whats happening now in laymens terms is incorrect to use in anthro But in anthropology moder means certain kind of culture and social institution and the ways of organizing their society Modern is opposite to traditional way in anthropology Modern culture is classified with rationality And these are the distinction we make in anthro It is thus a dichotomy modern vs TraditionalContemporary means Now In anthropology Thus these distinction are critical to anthroThe idea of time Metaphor Go back to these slides in Language and structure of time in different cultures Some culture do not have tenses Thus they do not thing of time as linear But we American think of time as linear present past and future We measure thing adn quantify the time Draw a line of time past now futurewe think of time as being past
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