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Power and Agency - Class 10

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Maggie Cummings

Power and AgencyANTA02Class 10Race and Racism racism looked different in the past than it does not but same phenomenon existsracism is multiple and looks different in different contexts race and ethnicity overlap in the experience of racism as well as gender and classIn Search of Respectcrack dealers are not one specific race but rather an ethnic group Newyoricanthey experience racial discrimination and express themselves according to their racethe search for respect has to do with masculinity and is different than the way their daughters and wives experience itAgency versus Structureidentities are comprised of different roles responsibilities and expectations relevant to different people ex employee of university professor of students etcwho we are as individuals is a product of something external where we live demands of others etcindividual decisions and how they aggregate with others shows patterns depending on class income etc ex people who are alike behave the same waywe express ourselves based on what we wear but our choices are based on what shapes our choices to express our social identityexDurkheim 1897 study on suicidesuicide seems like the most individual and personal choice one can make only you can kill yourself and make that decision he studied the stats on suicide and found that the
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