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Anthro lecture 12 4/4/2012 8:12:00 AM What other things can you do with an anthropology degree  Teach  Write ethnography  Write scholarly papers The research that Prof did  Teenage girls carry the tradition  Did research on where girls are not allowed to wear pants  It is out law to wear pant HOW DO ANTHROPLOGIST “add value”  Solving three kinds of problems o Behavior: here’s what do people do ethnography  It adds values that adds value in a very marketable way in particular company for instance  It is partly because we do things differently  We are able to explain behavior and pay really close attention to what people do  We are good at observing and behavior and writing it down o Concept: Here’s what it means (analysis)  We also bring to the table the anthropological concepts, for example the marketing example for inselen using a rite of passage theory o Culture: Here’s why they do it (theory)  Drive certain trends over others  Cultural understanding of privacy; used this concept to market phone, telling that phone can give more and more privacy What else can you “do” as an anthropologist?  Anything that involves problem-solving observing what people do and why they do it  Thinking about problems in new unique ways  Applied anthropology in government, healthcare, business, NGO’s ect… 4/4/2012 8:12:00 AM Katrina and its doubles  It is short because it was written as a speech  What is doubles? o The doubles refers to the social and political responses to the catastrophe that amplify its disastrous effects to the extent that is it is difficulty to say which is worse- the killer hurricane or the national response to it  What can we tell about the US by looking at the response to Katrina o Talking about the structural inequality o Figures this out by looking at where the blame was layer for the cathostrophy o She discovers that hurricane was a natural disaster o Blame was layed on the people who suffered the most o People who did not have the money to leave town for a week, leaving became much more difficult o Race and class have a lot to do with what happened in Katrina  Kat
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