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Lecture 11

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Anthro lecture 11 3/29/2012 9:13:00 AM RECAP  Bourgoi, Agency and structure  Men and women but especially men are victim of structure which they do not have control over and also their own culture  They don’t accept the victimization passively  They are searching for respect o Underground economy gives the most respect o The choices that they make the enforce the same structure they are trying to resist GENDER AND THE SEARCH OF RESPECT  The search of respect is also a search for a viable form masculinity o Viable masculinity which is something that is possible to achieve o It is very difficult because the their values are based on rural values  Rural values are when men take care of the family and provide for the family o It is hard to take care of your family,  Marginalized urban men cant replicate rural ideals of masculinity and family structure  Street economy is misogynist and glorifies sexual conquest, sex crime, and paternal abandonment o The way that men gain respect is by being more masculine o Denie vunrablility is by being tough and pointing out others weakness o he is not defending their choices but he is trying to give a perspective of their action WOMEN AND THE SEARCH FOR RESPECT  gender is a relationship o you cant fully understand masculinity without understanding feminity o women are not paralyzed by their situation o women are beginning to get more autonomy in terms of work and other thing o women everywhere are starting to get autonomy but this was not the case the generation o things are shifting a little bit  CANDY o he couldn’t spend a lot of time with one on one interview o he was able to talk to her because she became a durg dealer o she is typical but also execptional o she is typical because she wants alots of kids and wants her husband to take care of her o expectional because she shoot her husband and she took over his block and she is a bit crazy CANDY STORY  Candy as exceptional; candy as typical o She loves children because they are cute nad they can control them and loves being a mother and wants more baby o she saw her husband cheating on her husband and she shoot him o but she covers it up by telling the police by telling them some black guy shoot her o her husband gets arrested on drug charges and lost her main source of income o she sales the game room to ray and lost her money too o she works for ray because they she needed money and start dealing drugs o this is because the welf fare was not enough o she falls in love with primio o but it gets desctive and leave the underground economy o ttheir adaptive grandfather leaves and now they don’t have enough money so she goes back to selling drugs o she gets arrested and then she got arrest because she was dressed like hooker but she though she was dressed well but o she gets throwen into jail o ray pays her bale and her charges are droped after  candy's search for respect o she gets respect by acting like a man o she demands respect when shes in the game room o she is able to get respect by using violence o she acts like a man she negliect her children o she blames other women for mens violence like her man do o she is one of the guys temporarly  inverting patr
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