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Maggie Cummings

ANTA02-Lec01 Lecture #6 -February 23, 2010 Wrapping up Feeding Desire Reminders:  FEEDING DESIRE assignment due Friday, February 26,2010 (by 4pm in the drop box- on the 5 floow of BV-wing) *FEEDING DESIRE ASSIGNMENT* - After the first citation with: (Popenoe 2004: page), you can do the rest of your citations with just the page numbers in brackets - 60/30/10 for Content/ Organization/ Grammar - Title Page with a title: i.e. “Leila’s Story” +Characteristics of an excellent paper: accurate, thorough, well-sourced, balanced, creative, mechanically correct, well-written + be innovative = write about something that makes people think about things they didn’t think about before ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ “Crystallization of Culture” in Body Ideals  Popenoe uses the metaphor of crystallization to portray an ecological/ Islamic/ status logic o She talks about the ways these different cultural logics come together with different cultural values  Still vs. move, hot vs. cold, open vs. closed, etc  These values are crystallization - come together in a touchable and visible form (woman’s body) o The woman’s body makes these values real and bring them together o They all reinforce and sustain each other Example: fat bodies are beautiful because they are sexy. They are sexy because they are closed and still. They are closed and still because they are woman’s body. Women’s bodies are a woman’s because they are different from man. They are sexy and desirable because they are different form a man’s. *Goes full circle - they all sustain each other and are crystallized]  Add endogamy, gender complimentarity, fatness = all together they form a woman’s body (crystallize it in a woman’s body)  Susan Borde - said that Anorexia Nervosa is a culture bound syndrome that crystallizes many of our own tendencies of thinking about bodies in our modern society o Western societies have an idea about thinness that is just as obsessive as fatness is for the Arabs o It is also taken for granted  we don’t need to think about it or explain it when we say something about thinness (i.e. when asked why thinness is sexy, we don’t really know how to answer; just know that it is sexy)  Can see our views as being oppressive (i.e. keeps us from being able to eat certain things) - but for the most part we accept the views  We blame the MEDIA for the bodies of women - blame the media for making us believe that we have to be thin o We blame the media and say we don’t want to see these things BUT they make sense and speak to us; incite desire (make us want to be that person, make us want a person like that or that person, etc) o P. 188 (FD) - when faced with images of western women, the Arab woman barely recognized them as being human  They don’t have experience with this media, but also because what makes sense to them is different  They would react with pity (no one will ever love that thin person because she is thin)  Our cultural saturations are different; the cultural ideas are deeply rooted in our societies  “WHAT KIND OF CULUTRAL IDEAS ARE IMBEDDED IN OUR SOCIETY?” o Describe the woman: her body, her stance, her expression, what is she conveying?  Curves: hourglass figure  Naked but confident  Flat stomach/ abs [stance]  Attractive face: luscious  Looks powerful lips  Hard to attain  Clear skin - no scars,  Defined jaw stretch marks, etc  Sun-kissed white skin  Toned o Why was this picture used for the ad? How does it convince you to buy what is being sold?  Drinking milk will make us look like her (where as milk has a different meaning for Arabs)  Implies healthiness  not too thin: has the right amount of “meat” and doesn’t show too many bones o What does this image tell us about femininity? Woman’s bodies? Sexiness? What makes it beautiful? (Masculinity?)  We value thinness  She doesn’t have “child beari
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