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Maggie Cummings

Lecture 3Culture is dynamic not staticLearned patterns of shared behaviourWorldview Human beings try to make life meaningfulTells us what is realityCulture is bigger than worldviewShared cultural perceptions of realityWorldview tells us whats objectiveCan be secular and religiousThinking about worldview humans and weather The Bima culture the response to a drought was to fast and pray in order for Allah to bring rainDou Donggo do not believe that rain is controlled by a god believe that mischievous spirits were impeding on the rain they leave out offerings for the spirits hoping that they will be satisfied and bring the rainIn North America a drought would be explained through meteorology or can be explained through science we also have technologies to help us against the rain Language Culture and realityWe are what we speakSpeech and culture make us human no other species speak although they do communicateMany aspects of a person can be determined through their speech eg gender age feelings where they are from state etcSapirWhorf hypothesis Language can shape reality of a cultureDifferent patterns of languages yields different patterns of thoughtThe worlds of reality that people live in are distinct worldsAdamic worldview of languagedifferent languages have different words for the same thingsSapirWhorf language comes first and Some things cannot translate in other languagesIn the Hobi language there are no tenses and nounsIf they dont have nouns they must experience the world in processes or movementEvery culture will develop the linguistic tools necessary to get by in which one livesMetaphor we live by Lakoff and JohnsonWhat is important in linking languages and cultures are metaphorsRites of Passage Three stages separation transitionliminality integration
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