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Lecture 12

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Maggie Cummings

Lecture 12-Anthropology is good to think with Key terms/issues □ Thinking “like an anthropologist” □ anthropologist as problem-solver □ Scheper-Hughes (again) □ Katrina‟s “doubles” □ The other America □ Dividuality/partible personhood How do anthropologists “add value”? □ Solving three kinds of “problems”: □ Behavior: Here‟s what do people do (ethnography) □ Concepts: Here‟s what it means (analysis) □ Culture: Here‟s why they do it (theory) □ 1) helping ppl understand culture □ -she tell the advertisers what the people do and then the marketers us it to create their products. That‟s how anthropologists add value □ 2) here is the behavior and then they say here is what it means □ -she uses the concept of rite of passage to explain why teenagers wouldn‟t take the insulin. This helped the doctors and then they were able to market insulin in a way to show that teenagers are going through a rite of passage when they take the insulin shots □ 3) Why people do things. This helps solve problems when they are trying to sell products. The introduction of mobile phones in Czech republic, in Czech phones were tapped and therefore they were hesitant Rather than marketing the phone as being able to talk anytime anywhere they marketed it as a privacy tool. What else can you “do” as an anthropologist? □ --anything that involves problem-solving; observing what people do and why they do it □ --thinking about problems in new or unique ways □ --applied anthropology in government, health care, business, NGOs, etc. Katrina and its doubles □ What can we tell about the U.S. by looking at the response to Katrina? □ What explanations circulated? □ Where was blame laid? □ Political economy—who was able to escape, and why? □ The hurricane was a natural disaster; its “doubles” were not □ “The „double‟ refers to the social and political responses to the catastrophe that amplify its disastrous effects to the extent that is it difficult to say which is worse—the killer hurricane or the national response to it” ( Scheper-Hughes 3, n.1) □ -most of the destruction was a response from the govt. □ Katrina an
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