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Lecture 8

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Maggie Cummings

Lecture EightPrimitives and ModernsKey TermsPrimitive or traditional versus ModernModern versus contemporaryProgressLinear timeNostalgiawhat it means to be primitive and what it means to be modern moral judgment of ppls cultures its coming from an ethnocentric point of viewmodern and Contemporarymodern to mean now but in social science it means certain kinds of cultures that have certain ways of organizing themselvesmodern is the opposite of traditionalmodern cultures categorized by rational vs religious beliefsin this day and age use the word contemporary time is teleological Time is moving towards a goal We tend to think of our movement as progress We are building on the past to be betterPast technology was simpler We image future with sophisticated technologywe tend to think that humans become more rational as time progresseswhere did the idea of linear time as progress come fromin the 1800s Time was religiousReReligion gave background for time western point of viewtime began with creation There will be a time in th
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