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Lecture 8

Class notes for lecture 8

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Maggie Cummings

Caveats of primitive or modern The word modern is being used in quotation marks; to indicate the use of the term cautiously, ironically, and critically. To try not to objectively label individuals as primitive. To call individuals primitive is ethnocentric. In anthropology to be modern, is used as a particular distinction between traditional vs. modern, in terms of size, scale, and belief system. Prefer to use the term, in contemporary times. The term Modern is spoken as characteristics, social organization. Dichotomy of primitive vs. modern, in relation to time Time is a social construct; for us we think of time as money. Relationship between language, structure of thought and time, we divide time into parts or units. Our sense of time is linear, we see the past as being over, its done spatially: behind us. We think of the future as being ahead of us. Temporally it is a destination. Time can move in only one direction. We think of the movement of time as moving towards a goal, this movement is called teleological. Goals are something we move towards and achieve; they are good. That means we think the movement throu
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