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Anthro Lecture 31262012 101300 AM Objective study is cultureCulture is dynamic always changes Culture is a lens that we can focus onWORLD VIEW Social culture anthropology Human being try to make sense of their culture and they try to make meaning of everything World view is the result of meanings Encompassing picture of reality based on sets of shared assumptions about how the world works culture is bigger world view is biggerworld view is sort of like what we think of reality and what snt Tells you what is real and how to make sense of things multiple world view exists or one that is dominant they can be religious THINKING ABOUTWORLDVIEW HUMANS AND WEATHER How two ethnic groups experience to the drought Bima Rain is a gift from all powerful Allah They said that god can help come rain Dou Donggo Rain is part of the natural order of things which can be disrupted by mischievous sprits They said that the sprits are jealous of humans that they cant have what they have so they leave out some sort of offering to the sprits and rain would come North Americans has some sort of scientific explanation why there is a drought LAUNGAGE CULTURE AND REALITY We are what we speak Speech is one of the thing that makes us human culture is also one of the thing that makes us human only human being are able to communicate abstract ideas and symbolic behaviors From speech you can usually tell someones gender where people are from often make guess what their age is and also about their
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