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Maggie Cummings

Anthropology March 1 Lecture 7 Crystallization how cultural logics come together in cultural values crystallized into a highly visible form seen in the fattened body. C.V+C.L. Made seenvisible or touchable in the fat body (body ideals) Susan BordoPopenoe took this crystallization metaphor from Bordo (who talked about crystallization in North Americas slim bodybody ideals in North American culture) Crystallization suggests why these bodies ideals becomes so salient so alive in different cultures the body ideals of a culture affects the people so much. To easy to blame the media. When we see images we realize automatically that these women are seen as beautiful Susan Bordo-Anorexic body brings together are values in a visible way. How they can be problematic, instead of just showing our values in them. Bordocritiques how anorexia is a symbolic critique of our society and culture You can read the anorexic body symbolically as a form of PROTEST explicitly trying to get beyond slimnessanorexia a FASHION Its not just fashion we have to
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