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Anthropology Tuesday, March 8,2011 Final-Essay question and short essay questions-based on second half of course primitive or modern-not scientific ways of categorizing people, talking about culturally constructed value or moral judgement modern-very specific sense, specific way of talking about certain aspects of societies contemporary- means now in this day in age Primitive vs. modern relationship, notions of time Before midterm talked about time and money, and how certain culture doesnt have tense. Time is something that can be measured and so on. Seeing future as being ahead of us, its the destination. We also see time as linear, moving in one direction, you cant move back and forth. Were always moving toward the future, to our goal. The movement of time is seen as the movement of progress, movement of time makes things better. More improve in technology, people are more rational. The future is going to be better than the present. NostalgiaIslamic view, before Darwin time was religious. there was a time before time. time started with the creation of the world and the universe. theres a prediction that there is an end. The world is about 4000 years old. World has beginning and end. In 19 century, Darwin changed view of time: ancient time, medieval time, and modern period ancient timepharaohs He changed the view of these 3 specific times. He said how there was more time that wasnt accounted for. The idea
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