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Lecture 5 - Relatives and Relations

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Maggie Cummings

Lecture 5Relatives and Relations Tuesday February 07 2012 1104 AM Readings Chapter 4 VSI The Meaning of Paternity and the Virgin Debate by Carol DelaneyPDFFeeding Desire Chapters 45 MIDTERM NEXT WEEK It will include all the readings so far and lecture content If she talked about it and we read about it she will most likely test us on it When reading try to find the main ideaargument How do they make the argument What are the points they give How does the author make sense of it Reading Week Finish reading Feeding Desire and start writing assignmentKey TermsNamesEgoEtic versus EmicEskimo and Iroquois kinship classificationMatrilateral versus patrilateral kinBilateral versus unilineal descentCrosscousins versus parallel cousinsEndogamy versus exogamyPatrilinealmatrilineal descentConsanguine versus affinal kinFictive kinshipBridepriceProcreation as symbolic and paternity as cultural construct Kinship SymbolsA circlerepresents a female A triangle represents a male An equal sign represents a marriage A vertical line represents descent or parentage A horizontal linerepresents a sibling bondPeople who are blood related to you are closest to you and are those who help youKinship system who is related who and what is expected from you because of who youre related to
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