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University of Toronto Scarborough
Maggie Cummings

Anthropology March 29 Lecture Burgois main argument is found on page 143 1)People of el barrio are victims of social margenilizationstructural oppression 2)They embrace it because they think thats how they can fight it 3) While embracing it they become perpetuations of their own person Well be focusing more on how it affects women Viable form of masculinity They react to inability to deal with el barrio by doing it Slide:gender and search for respect Abandonment and all those listed are seen as normal for them They deny their vulnerability by lashing out others These women suffer so much violence Women arent just passive victims. These women are in the midst of carving out everyone else Burgois didnt have access to a lot of women to do the ethnography so he really focused on Candy cause she was the only one he could talk to because for them men can only hang out with women theyre having sex with. Candy is exceptional because she does what men do (sell crack, shots, etc) But at the same time Candy is typical in the sense that shes the Puerto Rican. Shes the wife of the game room
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