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Lecture 12

Anthropology Lecture 12: Anthropology is Good to Think With

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Maggie Cummings

Anthropology Final Lecture Apri,7,2011 Anthropologists add value: Three problems anthropologists are ewuipped to solve: 1. Ethnogrophaic skills (Documenting Behavior) What people do 2.Concepts: Analytic Skills (What does this behaviour mean?) 3. Culture: Theory related skills (Why do they do it) -How the ideas and worldviews of one culture relates to another culture Dramatic changes in society can result from anthropological infleuences What else can you do as an anthropologist? -Anything that involves probem-solving: observing what people do and why they do it? -Thinking about problems in new or unique ways -Applied anthropology in government (hate related crimes and their understanding), health care, business, NGOs. SAM DUNN: anthropoligst who looked at the gender-dness of metal clture; in the way it seems masculine -the success led to the cration of GLOBAL METAL where he travelled to unlikely places where one might not perceive to have a heavy metal fanbase (Kenya, India etc) KATRINA AND ITS DOUBLES: (NANCY SHEPHER HUGHES) :shifted from adadecmic anthro. To public anthropology and that anthropologists have o step in and have a voice in terms of poverty and stuff -The paper was presented as a speech -What can we learn about the US by looking at aftermath of hurricane Kartina? Ans: Looking at the explaination and where the blame was laid for the destruction and a lot of people being left behind to suffer, and the deaths of people due to starvation. By explaining the disasters she makes them meaning was very humanistic because it tells a lot about the culture. The explanation was BLAMING THE VICTIM. And they people who were left behind. People were too stubborn to leave and stay behind to steal and stuff. Shepher Hughes: She asks why certain kinds of people were able to leave N.O. with ease and return with ease opposed to those who had a lot of trouble leaving. -The levys the provided access to leave if a hurricane were not equipped, the levies that werent able to withstand that hurricane were located in the low- run neighborhoods, where the people didnt have a voice to try to change the government to strengthen the levy. These people in the bad-neighborhoods were low class, and couldnt afford to leave, or leave their job and money and family. People in the lowest lying areas and those who received most damage
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