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Lecture 11

Anthropology Lecture 11: Intersections of Race, Class and Gender

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Maggie Cummings

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ANTHROPOLOGY LECTURE 11 MARCH 31 Nice synopsis of key argument on page 143! Framed around structure vs agency -residents of el barrio, are victims of structure, but they dont accept victimization, but they resist the marginalization by embracing street culture and feel less marginalized by turning to street culture. Unfortunately in doing so, they become the agents of their own destruction and marginalization. -How does gender fit into the book? Many of the people in the book are men, and he uses the idea of the masculine search for respect. -the search for respect is the search for a viable form of masculinity because partly they are replicating what they imagine the ideal manhood of their fathers. A rural way of being a man, a patriarch, and economic prosperity -However the urban men of el barrio cant replicate the rural ideals of masculinity and family structure. -They turn to the underground economy as means of finding the viable form of masculinity, but street culture is misogynist, and self destructive. The men feel vulnerable, because they are marginal, and in their vulnerability they lash out at the people around them -Search for masculinity results in denial of masculinity. Pg. 158 -HOW TO WOMEN EXPERIENCE THE SEARCH FOR RESPECT? IF SEARCH FOR RESPECT IS SEARCH FOR MASCULINITY, IS THERE AN EQUALIVENT FOR WOMEN IN EL BARRIO? -Gender is a relationship, it relies on both sides of an equation. -The women are vulnerable to violence and attack from the men they know and love -One might think the women live in constant fear and terror, BUT borgois finds is that just as the men arent paralyzed by their vulnerability, neither are the women. They dont sit back and take it, and they show different forms of agency. Atonomy and rights. They are trying to become more independent. -RELATIONSHIP WITH CANDY IS KEY. AUTHOR GOT TO KNOW HER VERY CLOSLEY -Candy is very driven and exceptional, and she takes control of her actions, but she is still a typical woman, and she imagines womanhood in a particular way, and we see through her experience the structural and cultural constraints in her agency. CANDY=FELIXS WIFE CANDYS STORY! AFTER CANDY CATCHES FELIX CHEATING ON HER WITH HER SISTER, SHE SHOOTS HIM. In the hospital felix ends up going to jail for
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