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Lecture 7

Lecture 7 detailed notes

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Maggie Cummings

Lecture 7: Wrapping Up Feeding Desire Key Terms: Susan Bordo, body ideals and crystallization of culture, 3 axes of continuity in Euro- American body ideals, The Dualist Axis, The Control Axis, The GenderPower Axis Crystallization: the way that various cultural logics and values comes together, and sustain each other, in real embodied form through body ideals, tangible form, fat bodies is the result of crystallization of a caste-based society and values(closed and gender complementarity ), cultural values are crystallized and they become real, touchable, visible form, cultural values+logic comes together to become real, everything is crystallized through the body ideal They come in touchable forms, the womens bodies, they crystallize all these different things, reinforce and sustain each other, fat bodies are viewed as beautiful because they are so closed and still Fatness as beauty for Azawagh Arabs, the tyranny of slenderness in North America Being fat embodies cultural values in Niger We blame T.V, media, magazines with the obsession of thinness, live in an age of T.V, billboards, media influence; can we say media is a demon? We rarely question(we understand what were seeing) Angelina Jolie crystallizes North American values: mobile, tanlong hair, powerful, athletic, masculine, i
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