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Lecture 4

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Bianca Dahl

ANTA02, Lecture 4 – October 1 , 2012 Questions could be on midterm – 55 minutes An anthropological introduction to Youtube 1948 – ABC starts broadcasting – 3 network to start -youtube produced more then the network -all original stuff, not mass products -youtube created in 2005. Now it’s easier to upload videos on the web -Gary (nama nama songs)  dance, a celebration webcam = greater voice, new and unimaginable possibility better way of connecting with each other Text, and moving to digital paper -when you unpack the impact of text, it leads to necessity and what the web really is. It’s about linking people in a different way - we are going to have to rethink about everything -uploads video, and things change afterwards -two days after uploading reached 253 views -sat 1000, why? b/c it was onto other generated video where you can thumbs up/down the video – thus more people are able to view it user generated distribution, pop onto peoples pages etc. -each time someone blogs it, it scores a point – giving a ranking -superbowl commercials very expensive, but he made a video for free, and his was still the top **-living in a whole different media scape. Can’t just think of youtube (email/myspace/dig etc) [email protected] center of media scape, it is us -media= mediating human relationships -who is on youtube? -18-24 yrs, and young adults -50% of videos have a 18-24 yr old -whats on youtube? -home video -most videos are meant for less than 100 viewers -videos are usually re done on youtube, sometimes become very sophisticated drag and drop editing ex. Soulja boy why community in decline, even though new technology in the working -Network individualism – cell phones we are becoming more individual but we increase on wanting community more commercializing = more authentication -participant observation =not just observe, actually participate in the things being studied ethnography = a study of a culture -medium of community for youtube = webcam and screens --webcam, “I’m talking to you, but the webcam, I don’t know who you are, or when you are watching. I am talking to a webcam” -- context collapse = the moment you look in the webcam, you don’t know who you are talking to, so you sound all awkward ex. Look at the first blogs -- we know ourselves through the understanding of others understanding us = the looking glass self -self reflecting happens while looking through webcam -we might also see that video later on -- ^hyper well awareness is happening with this generally, people are very self reflexive when filming themselves comments b/c of the anonymity. –don’t know who’s writing it freedom of speech feel very relaxes -cultural tension connection = constraint tech = form of connection w/o constraint --youtube gives that possibility to connect more ex. Those that watch videos, sometimes gives video replies -deep profound moment on youtube – ppl report that -what does youtube mean to you? – free hugs jumman – came from Britain, no one came to greet him, alone individual --- starts to spread, everyone does it, youtube to worldwide -icon, trying to reconnect with everyone Youtube Drama -only way to get to front page, is to be more popular, top fav/rated, most subscribed -authenticity crisis- lonely girl 15 -- FAKE  context collapse collab with everyone earth, the little blue dot. – that is where everyone is. The pale blue dot the only home we know -that dot, is there, the other side of the class dot, is everyone else, everyone you know. – a way of reaching out what does it mean to do participant observation with the new forms of community that have emerged just in the last few years on www; deep play: notes on the Balinese cockfight -huge article, Clifford = important anthropologists –father of symbolic anthropology Cliffor Geertz -his concept = meaning -symbols behind it -behaviours matters, but affects their meaning of the world. But the meaning also affects their behavior -job of anthropologist = make sense of why people act the way they do inscription- recording meaning system and understanding what they mean thick description- ryles -should include a rich account of meaning and
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