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Anta02 Lecture 3Septemeber 24 2012 Assignment try doing anthro yourself Think about and record some aspect of culture which you are familiar tricky thing you cant go around interviewing people because of ethics review brief writing notes on things you know and seen on life on some aspects of culture ex Sit at tims and just observe how people observe prototype on pushing in line ex Food selections think about some concepts weve been reading such as rules reflect on how we see things in real life in tutorial we swap it and give each other critical feedback use course concepts watching the English better understanding of Anthropology and what it does its difficult to remember what everyone said ex Notes on a conversation anthropology based on a lie fiction no way one can remember everything very different type of social scienceParticipation observationwe all do it but some of us take notesEllen Paderwe all analyze others but anthropologists do it always paying attention to what people do must pay attention to detailobservation translation analysis looking for patterns that observing recording details gathering numerous observations writing up examples translating norms values for the audience analyzing them unpacking each instance in the interaction repacking the so what why we care about the way people actwatching the English real ethnography making fun of the culture trying to fit in and not break social norms because it is rudecultural ethnography isnt experimental see how others beak the rules and what happens then Fox trying to do a massive experiment in trying to write the language of English usually study small things different places question of different anthropologists might askwhy we started with watching the english different core conceptsGrammer of Englishnessunwritten rules that everyone follows not fully aware but follow it learn by observation not studying it helps to think about how we use anthropology at home stereotype they study other cultures but Fox is English and studied on culture greater capcity to reflect on self and our own cultures
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