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Lecture 6

Lecture 6

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Bianca Dahl

Unseen forcesinvisibility in the context of the transition there is a rise in uncertainty ppl feel that their moral orientations goodbad is all up for grabs also feel spiritual insecurityuncertainty crime if I walk somewhere will I get robbed links to witch craftwitch craft in ANTHRO kinship ppl who are competition over resourcesmadumothere is a witch who caused death of Madumas mother siblings accuse madumo he accuse someone else misfortune in life is someone elses faulttherefore blame others for mishaps in life there is something else that is making my life difficult unseen force rather then yourself witchcraft caused by jealousy Different notions of jealousy western you have this makes me jealous bostwana hatred resentment bitterness envy all encompass jealousy madumojealousy had friend helping him go to school instead of going to school resentment siblings didnt think he helped their mother enoughThink pair share what was madumos problem search for a cure bc he was depressed medical religious or psychological there is no right answerquestion to analyze between the 3 on exam its a little of eachReligion way of explaining the world and making sense of the things we can and cant observe morality values of good and bad science is really like religionAnthropology of religion every religion is created by the human community that worships it revolutionary thing to say emile Durkheim sociologist anthropologist built on fuerbach the sacredthe defining characteristic of religion not that you believed in supernatural things but the idea of being sacred sacred we gets set apart from the profane everything that is normal
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