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Maggie Cummings

Key Terms and Names: • Susan Bordo • body ideals and “crystallization” of culture • 3 “axes of continuity” in Euro-American body ideals o The Dualist Axis o The Control Axis o The Gender/Power Axis Crystallization of culture in body ideals (metaphor) • Crystallization: the way that various cultural logics and values comes together, and sustain each other, in “real”’ embodied form through body ideals • E.g.—fatness as beauty for Azawagh Arabs • E.g.—the tyranny of slenderness in North America • How are they different, and how are they similar? o North American obsessions of slimness is just as obsessive as the Azawagh Arabs o N.A blames the Media for the thought of wanting slim women. Describe the woman in the image—her body, her stance, her expression, and so on—what are she conveying? Why do you think this particular image was used for this particular ad? How does it convince you to buy whatever it is that is being sold? What does this image tell us about femininity? Women’s bodies? Sexiness? What makes it beautiful? (Masculinity?) o In North America the logic behind the ideal women is not straight forwars. However with the Azawagh women fatness is related to weal
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