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ANTB05 Culture and Society in Africa Lecture 6: Power and Political Organization inAfrica Slide 3: What is political organization: Power is having authority over someone else and being able to control and influence a large body of people or someone ; power has the ability to shape the outcomes of events (Transformative capacity) Political anthropologists are interested in how power is used and distributed around the world Any kind of unit or entity that deals with the distribution of power are political organization How is social order maintained? Police Military There are not always these kinds of political organizations within certain societies for example the Nuer, and how is conflict resolved? Two ways of thinking of that: Moral cohesion Supernatural sanctions How far can you exercise the political force? Who has this authority/legitimacy ? Slide 5: Types of Political Systems in Africa: They wanted to identity the different forms of political organizations/systems inAfrica and came with Small Scaled bands society & tribes; had no centralized auth
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