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Lecture 8

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Jude Fokwang

ANTB05 Lecture 8: Ethnicity, Autochthony & Conflict Ethnicity draws from distinctions between one group and another group Case of boundary maintenance - a socially constructed boundary that separates two groups of people Identification with and feeling part of an ethno group, as well as feeling excluded from a group that doesn’t distinguish with one group It is a way to determine themselves between two groups with different languages, histories and so on and so forth Ethnicity the same as tribalism? Three approached to study of ethnicity Primordialist Instrumentalist Constructi Primordialist Approach Tied to your roots, and your origin People promote ethnicity in other ways, promote group affiliation because they have a deep emotional connection to their group Almost by nature, they promote their group over another’s because of how close they feel to their group There’s an essence of that group, and every individual prescribed to that essence If you apart of this ethnic group, you must act a certain way - very stereotypical images of groups The idea that their societies are bounded Instrumentalist Approach Something used by elites and politicians Use ethnicity means the privileges for particular types of political action ( language, re
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