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Jovan Stefanovic

ANTA01 LEC01 Husnain Mansoor 999640214 Egyptian Empire Professor Genevieve Dewar thNovember 19 2013 Traditionally anthropologists have highlighted seven features as characteristics of civilizations1 Food and labour surplus controlled by elite 2 Social stratification 3 A formal government 4 Specialization of labour 5 Monumental public works 6 Densely populated settlements 7 A system of recordkeepingChoose a human culture from the archaeological record that interests you and evaluate theArchaeological evidence or lack thereof for these seven features Your focus should be on theinterpretation of material culture eg artifacts features rather than on written records Is thatculture a civilization according to this definitionTerminologyMaterial culture in terms of archaeology can consist of artifacts built structures human impact on the environment garbage stratigraphy mortuary practices plant remains animal remainsMaterial culture is also the physical manifestation of human activities such as tools art and structures As the most durable aspects of culture material remains make up the majority of archaeological evidence of past societiesArchaeological record is the material remains of the human past and the physical contexts of the remains stratigraphic relationships association and other remainsCivilization is the stage of human social development which is considered most advanced eg Romes civilization of barbaric tribes was admirable Lewis R BJurmain R 2013 Understanding humans introduction to physical anthropology and archaeology 11th ed Belmont Calif Wadsworth
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