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Michael Schillaci

Week 3a January-21-10 6:01 AM More TERMS TERMS Microevolution = a change over time in the frequency of Species (as defined by the Biological Species Concept) = a group of organisms that can interbreed and one or more alleles in the population produce fertile offspring. Members of a Macroevolution = large-scale change over time resulting species are reproductively isolated from members of other species. in new species Genotype = Genetic makeup of an individual. The term Species are the lowest taxonomic unit J034950.,370107949K0039L70J0309L. makeup of an individual or to the alleles at a Gene flow = the movement of genes within or among particular locus. populations Reproductive isolation can occur in several ways. Phenotype = the physical characteristics of an individual 1) A member of species A will not mate with a member of species B because that member does not look like his or her own species. 2) A member of species A does mate with a member of species B but a zygote (fertilized egg) is not formed, or a viable fetus does not form. 2 ?! 2 2 1 To use the example provided in the textbook: suppose a population of finches lives onan island with both wet and dry habitats. In the dry habitat, selection favors deepbeaks, while selection in the wet habitat favors shallow beaks. Because interbreeding leads to extensive gene flow between populations in the two habitats, the average island beak size will eventually become the average of the two
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