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Lecture 7

Lecture 7

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Michael Schillaci

Chapter 7a (pp. 176-191): The Evolution of Cooperation Week 6 Altruistic behaviours: benefit other but at a personal cost o Example, primates groom other group members, removing parasites, cleaning scabs, picking bits of debris from hair o Grooming others consumes time that could be spent looking for food, courting, caring for offspring, or scanning for predators o Natural selection can favour evolution of altruistic behaviour Mutualism Provide benefits to both participants Most likely to work if slacking off isnt profitable for any of participants Coalitions among male baboons may be an example o East Africa, male baboons guard receptive females o On days females most likely to conceive, highest ranking males usually attempt to monopolize access to females o 2 lower ranking males may jointly challenge higher ranking male and try to gain control of female he is guarding Problem with group-level explanations Altruistic behaviours cannot be favoured by selection just because they are beneficial to group as whole Example, alarm calls in monkeys, not favoured, because callers and noncallers benefits from a callers group, but at the cost of the caller- predator may hear them.
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