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Maydianne Andrade

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Brieg Communication: Rethinking the Impact of 1918 Influenza Pandemic on Sex Differentials in Mortality  1918 Influenza Pandemic – deadly influenza virus (killing 20-40 million & infecting 20 – 50% of the worlds population)  Killed mostly people from ages 15 to 45  Infection of lungs, primarily fatal pneumonia  Differential rates in rural versus urban settings (mortality was higher in towns and cities compared to rural communities)  Larger towns and cities had less mortality rates compared to small towns and cities possibly due to better medical care  Secondary pneumonia caused by influenza was exacerbated by tuberculosis  Influenza epidemic had a strong and long lasting effect on differential mortality by sex  Mechanism for change was selection: those with tuberculosis were more likely to die  Males were affected more than
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