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lecture 02/03

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Larry Sawchuk

ANT B15: continued for lec 02/ Lec:03 - Lugenic: was popular in Canada as well, there was an act - The article: crime, heredity and environment by davensport: he says that the inherited traits from one generation to another was not true: if his dad was mentally retarded then they will be passed down, but now we know that it wasn’t true, some traits are not inherited, they could learn some of the traits, or maybe are greater risks but there is no in heritetence biologically Franz Boas: - Looked at immigrants and children and noticed that the children didn’t have the same heights as the parents, and some kids were taller and he postulated that it is because there was better nutrition 20 century: - Idea of race, there was a slow change to look at the population and not just the individual, and appreciate that there are variability within population, and there are overlap among population - Recognizing the variation we avoid the “average” races Now: - Geography played a role in establishing boundaries until recent migrations - Breeding populations possess a suite of traits that set a group apart - There are no biological connection to race Hootons: - He had typs of features on the face and put them in different “types” typological thinking - But we cant do this, because there is way too much variation Lamarck: - Challenged the concept of “fixity of species”: once they are created they remain in the same form” - He saw the change in interaction and the change in biology - Transformational evolution: all organisms change physically in environmental change in demands : ex: since the font changes: the prof keeps changing it, so soon our eyes will be better” - He says based on the environment - But he was almost there: there needs to be change over time, not just on an individual basis, but species wise There is two ways he said that transformation could occur: -> Law of use and disuse: enhanced if used, and weakened or disappear through disuse -> Law of inheritance of acquired characteristics: changes occurred in an organisms lifetime would be inherited to offspring (tape eyes to bird, kid would be blind) True what he says: - Fossils looked different because they adapted to the environment - God allow
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