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University of Toronto Scarborough
Donna Young

Mitt Romneys outlook on the difference b/w Israel and Palestine: 1) Due to culture 2) Choice of God: Jews are the chosen people - This mentality was used to take over land and slaughter individuals that “deserved to be conquered” - Article 1: Talks about the comparison b/w manifest destiny and Zionist mentality and how Americans have been primed to feel sympathy for Israel from a very long time ago. Manifest Destiny th - The belief or doctrine held chiefly in the middle and later part of the 19 century that it was the destiny of the US to expand its territory over the whole of North America and to extend and enhance its political, social, and economic influence. - Manifest destiny incorporates three key ideas: 1. Assume the virtue of American people and American institutions. 2. The idea of mission. In other words, the idea that one should civilize or be a beacon to the world by spreading American ideology and institutions. o Religion missions are also often based on this mentality. 3. A notion of destiny. They believed the American people were destined to govern the entire continent. They believed it was destiny; it was meant to be. Zionism - A movement for the reestablishment and protection of a Jewish nation in what is now Israel. - It was established in 1897 by Theodor Herzl, who declared the aim of Zionism was to establish a national home for the Jewish people secured by public law. o Established in later part of 19 century; same period as Manifest Destiny - Drew on Jewish religious attachment to Jerusalem and the land of Israel. - The politics of Zionism was influenced by nationalist ideologies and by colonial ideas about Europeans rights to claim and settle other parts of the world. - Zionism in some ways is really the creation of Europe and the response in every possible way to European rcism and anti-Semitism. th - There were two things in the 20 century that really encouraged the desire for home: th th 1. Pogroms: Murderous anti-Jewish riots in the Russian Empire in the late 19 century and 20 century. 2. Nazi genocide or mass murder of European Jews during WWII (over 6 milli
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