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E.P. and the Ottoman Empire

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Donna Young

Lecture - E.P. and the Ottoman Empire Wednesday, October 03, 2012 3:13 PM  Colonial rule  Participant observation  Culture translation  Idiomatic speech  Notion of objectivity Throughout the 19th and 20th century, administrative interventions come to play a destructive role in live of people around the world, as they are reconstituting as subjects of colonial rule and emerging nation state. The Ottoman Empire: The break up of empire causes large scale of displacement of people. The collapse of the Ottoman Empire after WW1, was followed by forms of violence. Starvation (e.g. Ishi). Racist ideologies that led to terror and discrimination. Ethnonationalist exclusions orchestrated by emerging g states and empires. Manifest destiny is an example of ethnonationalist exclusion. Ethnic cleansing: Rwanda, the Holocaust, eugenics etc. The Condominium Government of the Sudan  1899-1956 From 1924, the British divided the Sudan into two separate territories. Predominantly Arabic and Muslim north, and a predominantly animist and Christian south. Evans Pritchard was a much more progressive anthropologist. He was a very privileged British subject. Anthropologists would go to places that were under their Empire. It made sense to go to parts of the British Emp
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