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Time & Space

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Donna Young

Lecture - Time & Space Wednesday, October 17, 2012 3:15 PM Temporal dimensions & spatial dimensions  Ritual time  Historical time o However far back the oldest person in your family's memory goes in the social memory of your community o Everyone has different events they consider historical events  The older you are, especially if you're a man, the more authority you have  Structural Distance (see slide with little triangles)  It is almost inevitable that tension will arise between close kin as resources are quickly over stretched  When this happens, a feud may occur, and when a feud occurs it leads to one section of the family to go off and live in another tribal territory  Tribal Politics - 9 Features (pg. 122) o 1. A common and distinct name o 2. A common sentiment (a sense of belonging e.g. nationalism) o 3. A common and distinct territory o 4. A moral obligation to unite in times of war o 5. A moral obligation to settle feuds and disputes through arbitration
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