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Donna Young

ANTB19 Week 5 Wednesday, October 10, 2012 Cultural translation - Uncomfortableness - discomfort of fieldwork, somehow feel like standing outside the group of people - Anthropology: hold on to the idea of experiencing alienation  critical stage: gives you purchase of different understanding of what is going on, belonging  Outsider feeling EP: notion of alienation – perhaps it’d be better to say one lives in two world…… (from the textbook’s introduction)  alienated from both worlds  marginal man.  Objectivity +alienation EP: “if one goes on with…..companion with one seeks…….” Cultural translation – gold of anthropological work - Convey it to people that are unfamiliar with the other world, notion of culture, history, and language  have to understand them to be translate culture - EP’s challenge of primitives (primitivity): the way he assumed primitive people’s thought is different than the literate people?  He argued all homo sapiens employ logic, in practical ways, philosophical ways, and meet particular ends  not about how advanced they are but cultural belives  Logic that employed grow out from the cultural belief that you have  Interpretive anthropology – radical move forward  The more exposed to another group, the more objective  differences and changes for translation, to evaluate Becoming an objective social scientist 1. Your world is not natural – it’s culturally made and like other worlds, need to let go of ‘what is normal’ 2. Culture as being arbe.. – linguistic thought ; object as an idea EP argued the Nuer have a particular Idiom that is important for them – Bovine (Cow) Idiom of speech( a group of word established by usage as having a meaning not … for individual  idiomatic hardest in language) - The Nuer used it to talk about things that are much boarder than cows, using cows to talk about love, marriage, kinship, politics - The Nuer tend to define all social processes in terms of cattle, the overemphasis in cattle  superior value ANTB19 Week 5 Wednesday, October 10, 2012 - They are willing to fight for cattle, source of friction ( bond of government)  shaped their char
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