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Lecture 10

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Donna Young

Comparative ethnographies: she is looking for our ability to compare Ishi the last yahi and films (two seperate colonialisms)- Alex Lubin's text is important Salvage anthropology: Mitt Romney said the "culture makes the difference", in order words Mitt Romney is blaming the misfortunes of Palentinians on his understand his culture (within it he saw the word of God, Jew's are the god's people and therefore they should get the land)  Manifest Destiny: the idea that Americans should conquer the West part of America and they should govern (it was used to justify the robbery of the land and hide the slavement of people)  It is the belief or doctorine held chiefly in the middle and later part of 19th century that it was the destiny of USA to expand its territory over the whole of North America and to extend and enhance its political, social, and economic influence----it incorporates 3 key ideas (1. their institutions are more virtue than others 2. idea of mission, 3. they had a notion of destiny---they believed the American people were destined to rule the entire continent) Alex Lubin talks about how Americans can be prone to feel sorry for the Israelis from long time ago (they see Israelis as being similar to them therefore they see the Palestinians as being like the Native Americans) Good use of comparisi=on: when you are able to deconstruct and see the ideologies that underlie the cultural/political things Bad use of comparision: when you use your perspective to analyze other cultures Double alienation: when you start to do an ethnography, you are always comparing things to your own culture but when you study a 3rd culture, your opinions tend to be objective She compares the check points in Israel to the Torah Borah (Torah Borah is supposed to be the place in Afghanisthan in where the Taliban was hiding out) Zionism: is the movement for the reestablishment and protection of a Jewish nation and what is now Israel (it was established in 1897 by Theodore Herzl who declared the aim on Zionism was to establish a national home for the Jewish people secured by public law----it drew on Jewish religious attachments to Jerusalem and the land of Israel but the politics o
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