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Lecture 9

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Donna Young

Jerusalem: the east side story  Tensions started rising between the natives and the new comers to the Palestine (the British handed over the issue of Palestine to UN, and it was split into two parts: Jews and Arabs)  Celebration among the Jews but the Arabs weren't happy about losing more than half of their land (56% Jewish, and 44% Arabs)  Soon war broke out between Israel and neighbouring Arab countries (the Arabs lost and Israel captured over 78% of the land)  Some never left Palestine, but instead became refugee in their own country  Green line: out of reach for Palestinians  Jerusalem divided east and west side and snipers werent present: Jews can't visit east and Palestinians can't return home  1967: after 6 days of intense fighting the whole of Palestine landed in the hands of the Israel and all the Palestines ended up us refugees (the lost of Jerusalem and Israel became intoxicated with its power)  Israel wanted to insure it's conquest of Jerusalem would be the final one  Israel conducted a census and issued id to Arab people in the city as long as they admit their allegiance to Israel (which was funny because Palenstinians didn't enter their land, Israel did)  Home contruction in East Jerusalem was booming but it wasn't for everyone (long process for Palestinians: sometimes the cost of the permit is more expensive than the house, and if you build without permit, your place will be destroyed)  Since 1967, about 18 000 houses have been destroyed  Family unification is another tool used to drive Palentians out of Jerusalem (this is w
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