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Donna Young

ANTB19 th Notes: Lecture 6 Wednesday, October 17 , 2012 *Structural time: pg 104  time is what ties all these institutions together. Time is relative to what he calls structural space locally considered. People refer to time based on what is important. [time  space]  the first way of measuring time is ritual time  through a social 9not natural) system, birth, age sets, marriage, death, ritual.  historical time  the big things that have happened since you were born that marks your generation (cogniscent of history) for example: the bombing of the twin towers. History that is most important to someone is caused by social memory.  in the nuer you take the oldest living memory of your grandparents and the living memory that exists is the belief of the whole community. The nuer do it the notion of age-sets  the transition to manhood, it’s a ritual where your forehead is marked, they are also given a name that is relevant to an important event of that year. Historical time is reliant to historical memory but does not go back in historical records. EP says there are 6-7 age sets within living memory of a community. As each age set passes through, they assume particular responsibilities (marriages, wars etc.). Events mark time and have a certain position in a social structure. The older you are, the more authority you have (expecially if you are a man). *Structural Space: *Structural Distance: [agnates-MEN] the first person is the ancestor, then his two sons, grandsons, great grandsons. The greatest structural distance is between 1 and 15. Family can be t
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