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Lecture 6

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Donna Young

ANTB19 Lecture 6  Evans Pritc- abstracting the reality and finding political and kinship structures, analytical structure and ways of observing things that are happening, the tribal structures are important to the theorist  Part of the problem understanding the tribal life – most often expressed in lineage terms, they are not completely the same thing. Kinship studies – compare kinship systems  Understanding the social structure of society – kinship structure basic features: Patri-lineage. Viri-local. Kin relations – the father son relationship, tracing through the common ancestors. Agnates - brothers/cognates- all your relations, Affines – people you’re related to through marriage. – links to patri-lineage. Key kinship terms. Why do we need to know kinship system – determines marriage – exogamous. - this is called segmentary lineage system. Breaking off and moving towards another tribal group, and leaving the lineage  Political structure: Tribe associated with territory and its made up of various clans – lineage system. One of the clan is typically dominant. Its resident for territories. When moves to the other tribal group, became a member of the other group and changed the member affiliation. Both of these system overlap by segmentation and opposition.  Exam question: strong correlation between lineage and tribal affiliation but they represent two distinct type of structures kinship + political structure. – discuss.  Feud- imagine two brothers with family with side by side they inherited by their father. The droughts were severe, they began to feud – insulting each other, arguing, at this point family members + tribal members come together to insist and settle. He leaves his agnates and goes to live with his wifes family which is called segmentation- things okay for a while. Suddenly its escalated and two sections are fighting, two brother fights and one kills the other which is the Blood feud – must be settled or it will escalate. More and more people will come together to defend either side – fusion is coming together. Alliance to marriage and etc are in conflict, one side seeks revenge. *** EP argued the LAW in this case is nothing more than a moral obligation to settle disputes by conventional methods. Another words law doesn’t have to be written down in books or educated by superior but it’s an obligation to find a resolution which draws on convention, to establish some form of order or law. 
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