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ANTB19 - Comparing Zionism and Manifest Lecture Notes .pdf

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Donna Young

Lecture Notes: - zionism : - for Palestinian gelo is a settlement, but for my eye southern suburbs of jerseualum - settlers are not always evil but some are - others are comfortable but being comfortable can be a dangerous thing , that produce are not justice, form of settler colonialism - settler colonialism and zionism : - anytime there is settler movement = there is unsettlement happening to it - zionist talk about creation of new hebrew, cannot trust anyone so be strong so you can fend off your enemy - to make sense, of new hebrew identity - need to understand historical aspect that ended/started it. - settler movement behind ideology of manifest destiny - manifest destiny was the belief held chiefly in the middle and latter part of the 19th century, that it was the destiny of the USA to expand its territory over the whole of NA and to extend and enhance its political, social and economic influence - 3 key ideas: - 1. virtue: of american ppl and institutions - 2. missions, the idea that one should civilize or be a beacon to the world by spreading american ideology and institutions - 3. destiny: the american people were destined to govern the entire continent - virtues and missions and destiny were in fact ideas that justified the theft of land for north americans, scalping and elimination of people - terrible horrors committed. - whenever working with powerful idea, whats really happening behind the scenes Comparing manifest destiny to zionist : - zionism: a movement for the reestablishment and protection of a jewish nation in what is now israel. established in 1897 by Theodor Herzl, who declared that the aim of Zionism was to establish a “national home for the jewish people secured by public law” - same date as manifest destiny established date - reestablishment : referral to biblical time of 2000 years ago jerseualum falls for roman empire. - idea is kept alive : Israeli is home of jews: kept alive through ritual and biblical stories - zionism drew on jewish religious attachment to jerusalem and the land of israel (eretz Israel). but the politics of zionism was influenced by nationalist ideologies, and by colonial ideas about europeans; rights to claim and settle other parts of world. - religious jews were not zionist - they believed that they will live until god gave them a sign until the nazi came back to return to collect them back - secular nationalist people in russia promoting the zionism. - zionism: politics conflicts that led to the
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