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Donna Young

jERUSALEM...THE EAST SIDE STORY - comparison with ishti film in terms of colonialism Film notes: - jewish immigrants came to Palestine - tension btw Palestine and jewish immigrants - British created mess that they couldn't handle , issue of Palestine to UN - in 1947, two states: jewish and arab = celebration of jewish own homeland, no arab celebration bc arab lose more than half of their country = sense of betrayal - 1948 state declared = war between two parts, arab lost war, 78 % captured land of jewish . 2000 jews have to leave their city and 19 years later they will all return. palatine refugee were up-routed and scattered across the region. some didn't leave Palestine but became refugee of their own country. - 1949, green line = captured 78 percent historical Palestine. - fantasy (Palestine) vs denial (jews) - unfairness - 13 percent of their land was given to Palestine - law of entry to israel - posed this law to Palestine but in fact they never entered, they were always in that place - confiscating land from Palestine was regular behavior and soon became home of large first settlement of east Jerusalem. - home construction in east Jerusalem was booming ut not for Palestine - up to 10 years to get building permit and cost of permit is more than the building itself and forcing Palestine to build without permit and then bulldoze and police waiting to destruct the building. - homes were demolished. - home demolition = ethnic cleansing - israeli government demolish = cleansing ethnicity from their place - denying the right to live together as a family - family unification to drive Palestine to dive out of Jerusalem. - Palestine from Jerusalem and Palestine fout of Jerusalem have to apply for unification of family - trying to apply for family unification, no reply for years, over 10 years later. kids registered under mothers name - Michelle lives in bethalam and children and husband in Jerusalem - if take kids away to bethalam then cant ever come back to j Jerusalem - no place for them to live legally together, jERUSALEM...THE EAST SIDE STORY - human right everyone has right to marry their spouse that he or she finds - rare life threatening condition,
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