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Donna Young

29 Nov 10 Lecture 11: Reading – Amitav Ghosh: Manuscripts from 12 century, correspondence from Jewish Merchant and brother travelling from Egypt to India. Knowing slave from India contributed to trade in Egypt, legitimized his desire to do anthropological work in India. Note depth of historical analysis, back to the middle ages. Sir Edward Evans-Pritchard Amitav Ghosh English (Member of Colonizing Nation) (India) Post-colonial subject Works in Colonial Anglo-Egyptian Sudan 1980s Egypt 1930s-40 Major Political Event: First Political Event: WW2 Gulph War Theoretical concerns: Structural- Theoretical Concerns: Historical agency, Functionalism reflexivity (thinking out loud about your relationship with others, presence and Looks at the role of institutions for the conversations cause you to reflect on maintenance of equilibrium cultural and social processes you are privy to) Understands feud as a political institution that resolves social conflict Looks at Historical and Social Change: Conflict, contradiction and paradox Focuses on cultural reproduction Understands power and privilege, Culture in unitary and homogenous conflicts that destroy community (Shared) Focuses on social change. Goal is to understand society or culture in entirety, as a system. Culture is contested. Knowledge tries to be objective. Goal is to capture a moment in time, to see how cultural identities shift. Method
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