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Lecture 9

ANTB19 Lecture 9 - Jerusalem, The East Side Story documentary

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Donna Young

ANTB19 Lecture 9 JerusalemThe East Side Story documentary 6 November 2013Documentary notes1917 Balfour DeclarationoHanded Palestine to United Nations who then divided it between the Jewish and PalestinesCelebration for Jewish who got 56 of landArabs did not celebrate due to shock and despair Palestine had 4468oDeclared JerusalemoWar and Palestinians lostcreated refugee problem and return of Jews 90 years laterMarch 1949oJordan and Israel sign contract1948oAfter 6 days of war Arabs fell into the hands of IsraelIsrael become intoxicated with poweroWanted to ensure this Jerusalem was the lastfinal oneoAfter days expanded land that became designated green areas and squeezed Palestinians into 13 of landMade Palestinians feel like they were touristsoIsrael imposed them and made laws1967oIsrael gained total controlConfiscating land from Palestinians who resisted but bulldozers were stronger and created settlementPalestinian homes were destroyedEx a girl leaves home for school seeing bulldozers and when she goes home she finds a demolished home
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