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Donna Young

Key ConceptsColonial ruleParticipant observationCultural translationIdiomatic speechNotion of objectivityEE EvansPritchard and Colonial AnthropologyThe Ottoman EmpireLarge displacements of people Breakup of British Spanish empire But in this particular case the breakup of the Ottoman Empire When the British move in to take over the BritishEgyptian government British Egypt Sudan they try to bring tribal people under control like the Americans did1Colonial Rule and its AftermathNineteenthcentury administrative and bureaucratic interventions came to play a disruptive role in the lives of people around the world as they were reconstituted as subjects of colonial rule and emerging nation statesDuring the first half of the twentieth century the breakup of empires spawned largescale displacements of people The collapse of the Ottoman Empire after WW 1 was followed by violence of various formsoStructural violence of poverty and the threat of starvationoRacist ideologies that led to terror and discriminationoEthnonationalist exclusions orchestrated by emerging states and empiresExamplesManifest destinynationality which is built around what people claim as their ethnological groupGermanythe rise of the national partyIsraelthe rise of the Jewish stateMany of the new nations that developed ex India were based on nationalist pride and were fighting against colonialism and anticolonialism oModern warfareWorld War Ifirst horribly modern waroEthnic CleansingMost disturbingEx Armenian Rwanda genocide Eugenics movement used in many places in different waysagainst disabled people final solution Holocaust Sudan Darfur area
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