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Lecture 10

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Donna Young

Lecture 10 Jerusalem…The East Side Story by Mohammed Alatar  1923-1948 fell under British.  British declarth promising Jewish a home in Palestine.  November 29 : UN voted to partitioned Palestine into two states: Jews and Arab.  56% Jewish State  44% Arab State  In Palestine, Jew pop 33% and Jew land ownership 6%  May 14 1948, Jewish state was declared. War between Israel and Arab countries.  Arab lost war and Israel captured 78% of historical Palestine including west, east Jerusalem.  War created refugee problem. 2000 had to leave.  March 1948, Jordan and Israel signed to form what is called green line now. Israel side of green line is capture 78% Palestine.  Jerusalem stood divided between east and west.  Jews were not allowed to visit western wall and Palestine weren’t allowed to return home in west Jerusalem.  Palestinian lady said: “we live in fantasy they live in denial, one day we will come to reality”. She wants to go back to live in her house.  1967, fatal point for Jerusalem. Cradle of holiness added another chapter to bloody history. After 6days of fighting, all of Jerusalem fell into Israel’s hands.  Hundreds of thousands of Palestinians needed refuge.  The 1967 defeat shocked Arab world.  Israel became toxicated by victory. Reveal
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