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Lecture 1

ANTB20H3 Lecture 1: week8

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University of Toronto Scarborough

ANTB20 - Week 8 Global Capitalism1 *For next assignment: Gender/Sex Labour, the book, globalization etc • With technology has come theories about where the world is going: our ideas about what is important in life; our very identities are being transformed -technology has revolutionized the way in which we interact; less of a need for intimate/face- to-face encounters; time is no longer an issue because transportation is no longer an issue -themes: time, space, and sociality call centres bring out these themes -call centres receive phone calls from “English-speaking” countries -time and space are compressed: through Giddens or Harley, there is no need for intimate encounters and we can be simultaneously be at the same place and the same time while being in different time zones • Fordist: technology being put together to create an end product -Post-Fordist: information is networked and no longer in a place; labour is outsourced (labour not just in place where product produced) *Neoliberalism: assumes that the borders are not relevant to the way capital flows; increasing privitization of companies and social welfares (water, electricity etc.); a model of thinking about the individual -you the individ. if you are networked have the ability to make money • The Network Society -fluidity: networks are fluid  they allow you to connect information and money • Technopoles (Castells) -the most resourceful person in the present economy is one who knows how to network and move around the network spider web (the spider) • Call Centers -What are they? -What do they do (and for whom)? -sell services to “English-speaking countries” -How do they fit into the readings on Globalization? -How culture and politics are linked to them? -Indians are becoming more westernized: dances, discos, going out with
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