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Lecture 11

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Girish Daswani

ANTB20: Review Lecture- Lecture 12  Exam- 40%  Two secions  A- short answer 7 questions youanswer 5 out of 7  5 marks each ( 25 marks of the exam )  Short answer question single spaced should be  Should not be 2 lines  Should have a definition and an example, and something else of what you think  Read the questions more than once ,  When answering the questions it requires a certain conceptual definition eg. Transnationalism, globalization.  When using words use them as a concept that you are trying to apply and define , and give examples by susing examples  Use the examples from the case studies and example from the readings  And a little bit of your own thought because it shows how you see the topic  It is doable to get 5/5 for all the questions  Make sure you define the idea that’s where people loose marks  Don’t use examples that are not relevant to the definitions  Don’t use personal experiences and stories  Spend time preparing the lectures and the readings  Don’t rush into answering the questions to quickly  The marker wants something that is nice to read, something that is different from everyone else  Don’t show how much you know but what exactly u know in regards to the question  Half a page rougly in standard handwriting should be enough 5-6 sentences  Get to the point Section b:  Answer 1 essay question out of the 3 ( 15 marks)  One question is based on the ethnography  The other 2 is based on themes around the course  How long a essay paper should be: 3 pages single space roughly should be enough  Eg. Culture politics and globalizations in the Dominican republic ; class, gender, race  Eg. If there is a question about race then the relationship between Hattie and Dominican would be important  Be careful not to waste your time  Try to get a mark
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